Enterprise at FBS


Along with ‘Faith’ and ‘Boys’, ‘Enterprise’ is one of our three core pillars that underpin all that we are at FBS. As a school we aim to develop ‘the whole child’ and we see becoming more enterprising as an excellent way of joining up all areas of learning.


Personal Enterprise – problem solving, fearless of making mistakes

This is the one that boys are most familiar with and is all about self improvement – becoming more enterprising ‘within yourself’. Our ‘Enterprise Value of the Week’ encourages the boys to think about how they are living and developing these attitudes in their everyday life, in and out of lessons. Teachers plan lessons that develop these skills. In designated enterprise sessions with their tutors boys work on setting themselves personal enterprise targets using our bespoke FBS enterprise levels. At the end of each year is ‘Enterprise Week’, where boys spend five days developing themselves and working in and with the local community.


Social Enterprise – game changers, teaching others to improve

FBS seeks to inspire boys to be community-minded and to strive to improve their world. In lessons boys benefit from their school being part of the Global Learning Programme, meaning that lessons have an element that educates boys about the world around them. Through co-curricular sessions like ‘Global Dilemmas’, boys seek to create projects and initiatives to address issues both local and global. In order to fulfil the ‘Social Enterprise’ requirements of their FBS Enterprise Diploma (see below) boys organise small tasks and larger projects. Students are involved in smaller events like the Macmillan cake sale, and longer term schemes such as fundraising for the ‘Jungle Canopy’ charity; supporting migrants in Calais by kitting out a caravan with medical facilities.


Business Enterprise – risk taking, teamwork

Part of our responsibility to our students is to ensure that they are prepared for life after education. We want to produce 21st century citizens who are secure socially but also financially.  A key part of this provision comes through the ‘Business Enterprise’ aspect of the Enterprise Diploma. Each year, students take part in the ‘Tenner Challenge’, where they receive a small startup loan and aim to make profit from this. We also work with RedSTART to give pupils an insight into personal and business finance. From this they begin to learn about teamwork, managing expectations and improving their business acumen. Throughout the year, students work with and learn from a range of career opportunities involving people from a variety of backgrounds. Students attend career speed-networking events and some boys will be beginning a project at Stamford Bridge after Christmas 2016/17.


The Enterprise Diploma

This is an ASDAN accredited award which boys work towards through their enterprise endeavours. It can be listed on a CV as a qualification and we are looking forward to seeking further accreditation for the more advanced levels of this award through Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, as well as through business partners.