Aims of the Department

The Mathematics department is dedicated to ensuring that all boys develop an inherent understanding of why Mathematics is a necessity, and an intellectual curiosity about how it has helped to develop the world around us. Through projects based on the real life application of Mathematics, boys will develop the confidence to make mistakes and take risks, preparing them for how they will use these processes in the future. Our intention is that all boys will be numerate, and equipped with the problem solving skills needed to succeed in life, by the time they leave FBS.

KS3 Topics

–     Number Properties and Skills – Pupils are taught based on the Number Skills they personally need to improve in order to understand the subsequent topics.

–    Algebra in Engineering – Pupils learn through a half term long project about the use of algebra by engineers to make fast cars and tall buildings.

–    Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change – Pupils discover ratio, proportion and rates of change through a series of different real life scenarios including planning a holiday and saving money from wages each month.

–    Geometry and Measures – Pupils are taught the principles through a half term project exploring how geometry is vital to building and design around London.

–    Statistics and Probability – Pupils learn through a half term long project about how statistics and probability are used by businesses to make money.


The Mathematics department delivers outstanding lessons that support and challenge all boys to make progress through competitive activities, use of real world applications and consistently high expectations. In each lesson boys assess their progress from the previous lesson by answering a new GCSE style question on that topic; this ensures that all boys know the expectations of them for all assessments. We reinforce the importance of high quality workings out and the ability to be able to explain their methodology in solving a problem. We integrate project work into lessons to show how each mathematical topic has been used outside the Maths classroom, inspiring boys to improve their own understanding and motivate them to achieve.

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