Aims of the Department

The Modern Foreign Languages department aims to develop independent and creative language learners.  We want all boys to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.  We recognise that Modern languages skills are a pre-requisite in today’s professional job market and we promote advanced study of languages. In year 7 and 8 all boys learn French, with selected year 8 boys studying Spanish as an additional subject.

As well as achieving academically, we think it is important to promote language confidence and skills for real-world purposes. Our aim is that students develop openness towards other cultures and understanding through their learning of the richness unique to each language. In a global community, understanding the principles of different languages and how to apply them to learning new ones is a vital skill. Pupils are offered opportunities to practise their language skills in context and learn more about other countries through a programme of visits abroad.

KS3 Units

Our KS3 teaching units take into account the requirements of the new GCSE Specifications.

In Year 7, the boys will firstly learn how to greet others and introduce themselves.

The topics that then follow are Family, Pets, Food, Sports, School life, Countries and Travel, Geographical features and Hobbies.

In Year 8, the boys will study the topics of Accommodation, Home Life, Daily Routines, Jobs, Part-time jobs and pocket-money, Future plans & employment, the  Local area, including problems in the area.

Our lessons constantly promote cultural awareness of the target language countries.


The MFL department designs outstanding lessons to ensure every boy is able to make progress. Our lessons, based on the University of Cumbria Methodology, ensure that boys remain interested and fully engaged through a wide range of lesson activities and resources. We also have a boy-friendly MFL in-class library to encourage pupils to read in a foreign language, thereby extending their range of vocabulary.

MFL Co-Curricular

The department is heavily involved in the school’s co-curricular programme, including lunchtime activities.

We currently offer French board games, French Cinema, French booster sessions, Foreign Language Spelling Bee, Spanish for beginners, Cultural discovery including cooking and early GCSE preparation for bi-lingual students.

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