Sport, Fixtures and Results

Sport is integral to FBS life

The school’s ambition is that every boy will reach his full sporting potential and learn essential life skills through sport, and that he finds an interest that stays with him well beyond his school years.

Every boy will be encouraged to try out different sports during the extended day, with less traditional activities as highly regarded as mainstream sports.

The key/mainstream sports are:

  • Rugby Union (Winter Term)
  • Football (Spring Term)
  • Cricket (Summer Term)
  • Rowing

In addition, boys take part in a range of other sports as part of their timetabled P.E lessons or in co-curricular time, including:

  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Breakdancing
  • Fencing
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Streetdance
  • Boxing
  • Judo
  • Hockey
  • Self Defence

Fixtures and Results

Results for Football (Summer Term 2017)

  • Year 7 won the QPR League Final at Loftus Road, beating Kensington Aldridge Academy in the final.
  • Year 8 won the QPR League Final at Loftus Road, beating Kensington Aldridge Academy in the final.
  • Year 9 lost in the QPR League Final at Loftus Road, losing to Chelsea Academy in the final.

Rowing (Summer Term 2017)

The London Youth Games Rowing Championships took place at The London Regatta Centre on June 3rd. All the competitors from the Hammersmith & Fulham Male and Mixed J14 Quads were made up of boys from The Fulham Boys School.

The J14 Male Quad came second and the team finished in the highest place that they have ever come.


03/02/18 Hampton Head
12/03/18 Schools Head
21/04/18 Junior Inter-Regional Regatta
25-27/05/18 National Schools Regatta

Match Reports

Harrow sports ground is a daunting place to rock up to. With it’s vast fields and enormous squad sizes it would have been easy for our sub-less,  year 9 A team to give up before the starting whistle was blown. However, despite the 29-0 score line, the year 9s did themselves and the badge proud in what turned out to be a spirited performance.

The game started positively with a deep kick from fly half Ned Watson chased fearlessly by the Fulham forwards. Some sustained defensive pressure gifted FBS turnover ball, with scrum half Hugo Coward finding Seni Annon in space down the left wing. After beating his man Seni was eventually pulled out into touch and the early pressure amounted to nothing. Things got worse from there as an over enthusiastic Oliver Stirling was sent off for making contact with a Harrow boy’s head. Harrow’s pacey wingers and powerful forwards broke the Fulham line and we conceded two tries under the post. Heads began to drop, as FBS’ defensive line led by the impressive Harry Adams became disjointed and we conceded another try from a scrum on the halfway line.

At half time, Oliver Stirling was allowed to return to the game. WIth a full 15 players on the pitch FBS grew in confidence as Pharrell Carter and Omari Goodman began to break the Harrow line. Pharrell in particularly showed a lot of heart, refusing to go down and making some excellent yards. However, Harrow’s scramble defence bravely stopped FBS from crossing the line and a turnover from a lineout on halfway gifted Harrow another try.

Both sides lacked organisation and structure but as a first outing for our year 9 side, much confidence can be taken from the boy’s resolve and refusal to bow down to more experienced opposition. Perhaps, it is too early to fully compete with the scholarships and resources of schools like Harrow but from the showing of heart and raw talent by our year 9s, I do not think it will be long.

The first game of the season. The first name on the fixture list. The first best teas provided after the game. HARROW.

This was a lesson in how to attack. Holding their depth, supporting their ball carriers and intensity at the ruck all lead to a constant defense from FBS. The scream,s of “hold the line” from the FBS midfield married up with ferocious tackling from the boys who shouted it. Dan Hendry, James Myres and Haris Huqoqi led the defensive line superbly. What they needed were more boys to follow them into this battle.

By half time it was 24 – 0 to Harrow. However, this did not lead to the boys heads going down. They kept on fighting. Beau Lee, Ryan King and Dylan Cummings displayed good ball carrying skills.

The second half trend followed the first. Harrow attacking and Fulham defending. We conceeded four more tries.

The inspiration from this is that we will get on the training pitch and look to learn from our mistakes. Our next fixture will be next Thursday against Marylebone Boys School. The training intensity needs to be high on on Thursday at games afternoon.

Final score – Harrow 50 – FBS 0

The training and regrouping session after the drumming at Harrow clearly paid off.

It was the first game to be played at our new home of Barn Elms. The boys were very switched on during the warm-up run through. They executed the gameplan of remaining in the same area of the pitch for attack and defence very well. During the game they also implemented the tactic of not over committing to rucks.

The flat defensive line put early pressure on the Marylebone outside half and this lead to him kicking into space. This was gathered by Karl Hartigan, at full-back, who ran a hard line into midfield and managed to offload to Ryan King. He beat two defenders on with an arcing run and fed Beau Lee who had a 20m run in under the posts. The try was converted by James Myres, who scored his first try for the school and kicked 6 out of 7 conversions.

Man of the match for FBS was outside half Dan Hendry. He lead his backs in defence and created many holes that were exploited by our pacy outside runners. He also scored the try of the game; the Marylebone backline came flying up off an FBS scrum, Dan realised this and chipped the ball over the top of the defence and hacked on past the oncoming full back, gathered and touched down underneath the posts.

With another try from Dan, one from Louis Harel and two from inside centre Ryan King FBS ran out convincing winners against a boys school that is at the same stage of it’s rugby progression.

Fulham Boys School 47 – 5 Marylebone Boys School

The first game of the season was against Marylebone boys school. The team was full of hope as we entered our first match of the year. It did not start off the way we would’ve preferred . The ball went straight to the largest and fastest player on their team, running down the wing to score, realising quickly that tackling was something to improve on. We were a try down in the opening minute, not the start we were expecting . Fortunately we were able to bounce back and as they kicked to us, in less than a minute we scored a try. The other team were hesitant to tackle, which allowed us to slip through and play our running  game. From then on our team began to grow in confidence getting back into the game scoring many tries. The opposition began to show their lack of experience and at the end of the match we had scored a total of 72 points. This was definitely a good start to the season.

Fulham boys School 72-5 Marylebone Boys School

Ben Bartlett W3

Last week the year 7 football team went all the way to Barking to play in the London Cup. It was a thrilling game with the end score being 5-3 to The Fulham Boys School AET. It was a 9-a-side game with 25 minutes each way however, it ended up going to extra time as the original 25 minutes ended 3-3. FBS went 3-0 up before Langdon Academy scored 3 in the last 10 minutes. Goals were scored by Josh Andrew (3) and Kai Jennings (2), both in 7F. The A team have now been placed into the next round, attempting to progress as far as possible, with the tournament title the goal. To be crowned the best team in London and who knows, the best in the whole of England, would be a great way to start our FBS sporting careers.

Kai Jennings L4

It was a Saturday morning as we arrived at Barn Elms. We were confident going into the game even though we new that the opposition were more experienced than our previous opponents. We saw that they were a physically big team and  it was clear observing them during the warm up that this team knew how to play rugby!  Grey Court quickly began running with the ball and passing along the line putting us under   pressure leaving gaps in our line of defence letting them slip through allowing them to score. After the first twenty minutes we were three tries down, we gathered together for a rousing team huddle. We started well and quickly scored a try before half time .

Mr Goldberg encouraged us that if we played our running game and made the tackles we still had a chance. However we were physically tired unlike the opposition we had no substitutes.We battled on in the second half and scored two further tries the second demonstrating a great running attack involving most of the team with Josh Shonubi scoring. It was definitely a shock after our great win in our first game 72-5 against Marylebone School. In the end the score was 48-15, although it was difficult considering the lack of players we had available. This game let us realise the work needed the following sports afternoon on tackling and staying as a line in defence.

Fulham Boys School 15-48 Grey Court

Ben Bartlett W3

The game against London Oratory was harder than it seemed. In the first 5 minutes we were dominating a lot, managing to score a try from one of our winger Joshuelle Asumio, where he ran down the wing and then cut inside to score our first try. Afterwards, we lacked in defence, having to make some amazing tackles, going in at half time down 20-10. Straight after the half time break, our fly half Wesam Ibrahim almost scored a wonderful try running from behind the halfway line down the wing, until at the vital moment he got tackled into touch. We then conceded two more tries but had a try from George Harris who sprinted into the space on offer and cut through the team to score our second try. We conceded another two tries from their strong running backs towards the end of the game, eventually losing 40-10.

George Harris B4


As we entered the match against Oratory we new that they would be a tough opposition  to play considering they had won last years Middlesex cup, I also saw that one of the best players from my club at Hammersmith and Fulham (RFC) was on the bench!

We started well passing the ball and making our tackles however we were soon being battered by the Oratory attack. I was pleased by our defensive play and our commitment to tackling although we held our line, their fast and experienced players managed to get through and score. The opposition went on to dominate the first half scoring several more tries. However we did not let our heads drop and we were encouraged enough to score a spirited first by Henry Koe just before half time. The second half reflected the first half with their dominant attack with a number of quality players shining through, scoring some excellent tries. We did continue to fight on making them make mistakes under pressure allowing us get more and more space on the pitch and we were rewarded with a try this time from Morgan Cowan-Fagan.

The final score was 10-50 to Oratory a tough game but a fair result against a stronger opposition,however we did display moments of quality play which encourages us to look forward to our next fixture.

Ben Bartlett W3

On friday 13th October 2017 FBS played our first game of the season against Bow School…

The game started well with FBS creating quite a few chances, within the first ten minutes of the match Bow School scored an own goal so FBS went 1-0 up. Bow school had two boys up front who were very quick and tried shutting us down on a few occasions but FBS carried on fighting. Towards the end of the first half there was a scramble in the box and Pablo Haynes side footed the ball into the back of the net, the whistle went for half time and FBS were 2-0 up.

The second half started and FBS carried on dominating the match; winning a penalty halfway through the second half due to sustained pressure. Kai Zini put his foot straight through the ball and scored. FBS were now 3-0 up we carried on playing as a team and created a few more opportunities with Santiago Triginer lobbing the goalkeeper from just outside the box the game ended up finishing 4-0. Well done FBS and our coach.

Chanse Headman L3

It was a cold day but despite the weather the Fulham boys stepped out onto the field with their head high. They had hope because most of the team were available and because of their last training session, they felt ready.

The game started with a deep kick from Ben down the left side. The Fulham boys chased well and Morgan got the first tackle of the game and with top rucking from Zeren and Blake we managed to take possession of the ball. Seb made a great pass to Joe, who carried deep into the Latymer half before getting tackled and off loading to Finley. Using his strength, Finley got through the last player, crossed the try line and … dropped the ball.  The opposition chose to kick out of their territory. Santi caught the ball and started to run down field, with great running from Blake, Joe and Morgan and amazing support from Zeren and Tristan, Ben managed to score the first try of the game.

This was soon followed by a try from Morgan when he found a gap in their defensive line and used his immense pace to sprint to the try line. After this, we got too relaxed with our 10 – 0 score line and couldn’t be bothered to tackle. One of the Latymer players got a run out on the wing and scored. After that Latymer got a good period of possesion but a ferocious tackle from Charlie made the Latymer player drop the ball so it was a scrum to FBS. Joe did something the Latymer’s defence wasn’t expecting. He picked up the ball out of the scrum and ran on the wing.  He knocked the winger and fullback with a strong fend but because of his lack of pace a few defenders caught up with him and slowed him to a halt. Luckily, Christian ran in for the off load but as soon as the made contact with the defender  he dropped the ball which ended the first half with the score being 2-1 to FBS.

In the second half the defending from both teams was a lot worse due to low energy. Blake scored a try using his strength to barge people out the way, shortly after Oli scored using his stamina to run from one corner of the field to the other. At this point we thought we had we’d won the game. So Latymer eager for a come back scored a try similar to Morgan’s which made the score 4-2. The clock was running down, Latymer had a penalty not far away from our try line the FBS defence thought they were going to get there Big player to barge through so put their best tacklers right in front of the penalty instead they got their fastest player to run horizontally and scored on the other side of our try line. At this point we were getting a little nervous but there was only a minute left in the game so we supported well and when the final whistle blew we were all proud of ourselves. Let’s hope the next match goes as this one did.

Joe Bessada B1

The game kicked off with FBS knowing it will be a hard one to win because they know how well drilled Latymer are, but FBS still knew that they have a chance and if they could defend well. The start of the game included a lot of Latymer pressing hard but FBS stood strong in their defensive line. Latymer went through the phases but FBS did not let them break through. Latymer found space through spreading it to their winger who ran well down the line, duly scoring with the try converted, Fulham down 7 points to 0. Fulham kicked off again and Latymer came back strongly, breaking the line quickly. FBS were not turned on conceding again. Shortly after, Fulham pressed high and forced a knock on which gave Fulham the first proper opportunity with the ball in hand. The scrum went down and ball was played out down the line to Fulham’s wingers. Jack pushed up with the ball and tried to break the line, unfortunately being pushed into touch. Fulham however, won the line out against the head, putting pressure on the Latymer’s defence, resulting in a high tackle on a Fulham, meaning a penalty was awarded to FBS. A quick tap released Dan, using his pace to get away from the latymer defence and diving over the try line right in front of the posts. James converted, 12-7. Game on.

The second half started with a Latymer kick off with Fulham immediately loose in possession, giving the ball away. Latymer pressed but Fulham but couldn’t break the Fulham defence right on their own try line. Latymer passed the ball along the line and find a gap out wide, through the line, registering another converted score. With the score now 19-7, the Fulham restart resulted in FBS losing all sense of organisation, conceding a further try almost straight from the catch. This trend continued with the eventual score 50-7, making Latymer Upper School deserved winners.


James Myers L3

This year we came into the U13 Middlesex tournament with high hopes and excitement of what we might be able achieve with a new coach and a new expansive way of playing.

Placed in an incredibly competitive group with all the teams around our level, our first match of the tournament was against Cardinal Wiseman. We started really well and won the match 30-0. Feeling confident we went into our second game carrying our winning momentum to then beat Orleans Park 10-5, including a last play length of the pitch score from Morgan Cowan-Fagan. We then had to play our next match back to back with the win over Orleans Park, coming up just short to lose against Hampton. A few missed tackles letting Hampton in, even after Morgan Cowan-Fagan excellence dragged us back to within five points to lose 10-15. Disappointingly, there was a discrepancy with the scores and after thinking we would be finishing the first round of matches as group winners, we were placed in the Plate having finished level on points with Orleans Park, although with a points difference of five less, meaning we finished second in the group.

Our first match in the plate league was against St Benedict’s. The weather had turned cold and we were feeling tired after the morning’s efforts and a long lunch break. We didn’t have the best start in the match, conceding two early tries, eventually losing 20-10. Again we had back to back matches, showing in the lack of tackling and hard work. Even after Joe Bessada and Tristan Mckoy-Forde’s great forward interplay, we lost 20-5 to a fast and mobile Teddington team.

We than had a long break to regain our energy and managed to win the last match against Latymer Upper, even without one of the players of the tournament Morgan for the majority of the game. We left the tournament on a pleasing high, finishing 7th overall our year 8 team are now looking forward to begin training for rugby sevens.

Ben Bartlett W3

Friday 1st December 2017 marked a special day in Fulham Boys School’s short rugby history. As anticipation built throughout the week and with Mr Boswarva’s year 9’s coming off the back of a good third season together in W14; confidence was high . The trip to Saracens’ Allianz Park in north London beckoned as reward for a fruitful cup run. Spearheaded by the accomplished half back pairing of Seni Annon and Ned Watson, and well supported by powerful ball carriers Omari Goodman and Oliver Stirling, winning was a real possibility. Following an inspirational speech from Mr Boswarva and calming words from the Captain, Ned Watson, the boys duly responded from the warm up, looking sharp, focussed, and ready to run out onto the European Champions pitch, awaiting them a competent and dangerous Cardinal Vaughan outfit.

The game began and settled into a very consistent pattern in the opening minutes, with the ebb and flow of possession giving both sides an opportunity to attack and test the opposition defence. Cardinal Vaughan were very competitive at the breakdown, suggesting the battle on the floor would be key to who takes home the silverware. The largest individual threat Cardinal Vaughan posed however was their winger; quick, agile, with a strong fend, a threat FBS would have to negate to stay in the game and allow Watson and Annon to start moving the Cardinal Vaughan forwards from ruck to ruck, dictating territory on the large 4G. The newest member of the FBS team Heaver Faraj was tested on many occasions by the Vaughan veteran, but his tackling was crunching and representative of a rugby player many years his senior.

After a couple of periods of possession each, Stirling broke the deadlock with a strong carry from inside the Cardinal Vaughan 22, hitting punching line off Watson in the midfield, using his strength to ride covering tackles to touch down for the first try of the game. Watson duly nudging the extras between the uprights. This set the tone for the first half as Seni Annon showed his class with two tries, both exhibitions of scrum half opportunism, spotting a weakness in the Cardinal Vaughan defence around the fringe of first the breakdown, and secondly from a scrum won against the head. The second deservedly receiving special mention, scoring from 40m out, evading tackles along his slaloming run to the whitewash, 19-0 at the break.

Half time came and went, with a relatively quiet period of the game following the break. Cardinal Vaughan begun to string phases of possession together, looking dangerous in broken play. Had it not been for the solid defence of Haever Faraj and committed scramble defence of Kai Lau and Harry Layzell, there could have been a nervy conclusion to the game. FBS therefore needed one more try to put the game to bed. Like London busses, two came in quick succession from Mohammed Abdulbhagy and silky centre Harry Adams, the later providing Watson a great attacking outlet and defensive martial all game. As the game was quickly coming to its end, one final try from fullback Kai Lau in broken play off the back of a Fairweather turn over opitimised the resolve and determination FBS showed throughout to make tackles, compete on the floor, run hard, support the ball carrier and celebrate each other’s’ success. 38-0 and the full time whistle blew, Middlesex U13 Plate winners 2017-18.

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