Assemblies and form times

Chaplain’s assemblies – Once a week at the start of the day boys go to the hall in their house groups (5 forms together) and there they sing a Christian hymn (with passion!), hear a talk from the Bible on Christian things and listen to a prayer.

The Chaplain is responsible for these assemblies and will either give the talk or ‘host’ the assembly while a visiting church leader gives the talk.

The talks in assembly are normally focused on one of three strands:

  • Jesus in the gospels (e.g. ‘Stories Jesus told’ or ‘People who met Jesus’)
  • The Christian value of the week
  • Christians who have had an impact on the world

House assemblies – Boys attend these once a week and these are led by either their Head of House or the Headmaster, who have freedom to cover what they want but every assembly will include the Bible reading connected to that week’s Christian value.  The person leading the assembly often chooses to draw links with the Christian value of the week.registration-2

Extended reflection – Once a week boys, in form, reflect on and discuss that week’s Christian value using resources prepared for tutors by the Chaplain (including use of Bible texts, quotes, videos and questions).

Silent reflection – Twice a week, in afternoon form times, boys spend a short time in silent reflection, using a Bible text or quote connected with the Christian value prepared by the Chaplain to stimulate their thinking.  This will be the last thing in that school day.

Daily acts of worship and reflectionregistration-1

Put together this means that at least once each day boys will have an opportunity to reflect on some Christian belief or Bible text or Christian value.