Christian Values

FBS strives to be a community shaped by Christian values and characteristics.  We therefore use a list of Christian values as a foundation for teaching the boys about Christian character and development.


Promoting and explain Christian values around the school

  • Every week has a dedicated Christian value (e.g. Welcoming in the first week). The week’s assemblies and reflection times are then linked to that Christian value.
  • Every classroom has the Christian value and enterprise skill for that week displayed in a prominent location.
  • More detailed Christian value posters are displayed in specific areas around the school – these explain the Christian values, how they point to Jesus and how they could be seen in action in FBS.
  • Teachers regularly draw attention to the Christian values in lessons (e.g. discussing service or honesty when doing peer assessment).

Staff regularly refer to the Christian values when doing follow-up to an incident of poor behaviour or in the mentoring of a boy.