Posted on 07/07/2014

7 July Update – Bowled-over by your support

Alun Ebenezer’s latest blog is now online. ‘So Proud’ summarises the extraordinary dignity and resilience of FBS parents, boys and staff in this past difficult week.

FBS has been bowled over by the support shown by our wider community. Tweets, facebook comments and letters have flooded in: from parents, boys and grandparents, from the Bishop of Kensington and Area Dean, and from those with no connection at all to FBS, horrified by developments.

Our website is getting record numbers of new visitors – averaging over 500 a day – seeking details of who they can write to, to urge support for FBS.

Over 200 of you stopped by our stall at the Parsons Green Fair on Saturday to sign our petition calling on Michael Gove, Stephen Cowan and Boris Johnson to put political differences aside and to find a speedy solution for FBS.

This is in addition to the unanimous parental endorsement given to FBS at our meeting on Thursday, referred to in Alun’s blog, where all parents signed a letter to Michael Gove asking for FBS to open for two years this September, even if nothing more can be guaranteed.

The clear message from you all is that two years of FBS is better than no FBS; and that politics needs to be set aside as a priority to ensure this can happen.

Over the weekend, we repeated our plea, echoed by all parents and members of the community we’ve spoken to, that support should be harnessed constructively and quickly so as to allow FBS to open this September. We ask all interested parties, all of whom have pledged their support, to put aside any political differences, and to get together around a table as quickly as possible, without any agenda or preconditions, other than to do the best for FBS boys.


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