English Speaking Union Performing Shakespeare Competition 2019

Well done to Johnnie Davis L5/Y9 and Mahdi Ibrarhimi W5/Y9 who competed in the English Speaking Union Performing Shakespeare competition. It was held at Dartmouth House where they both performed monologues from ‘The Merchant of Venice’. 

This competition is a collaboration between schools and the English-Speaking Union and is a mixture of workshops and performances.
The ESU Performing Shakespeare Competition is separate and distinct from the Festival run by the Shakespeare Schools Foundation and from educational programms for schools run by the Royal
Shakespeare Company and other theatres.

Students who participate in this competition develop key skills for the future.
• They develop confidence in their oracy skills by using Shakespeare’s texts as a starting point for analysis and development of expression and delivery skills
• They receive an excellent introduction to Shakespeare’s plays and enhance their understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare through the use of speaking and listening skills
• They also benefit from an introduction to performing Shakespeare and an opportunity to develop their acting skills still further via workshop opportunities and in front of a live audience
Who can enter?
• All state and independent schools in England and Wales, as well as home-schooled children
• Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils (Key Stage 3, ages 11-14)
• A school may enter as many monologue and duologue performances as it wishes.

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