Posted on 06/05/2018

FBS at CWIZZ WEST – Literary Event

On Wednesday 25th April Ms Stolarska and Ms Turqui took 15 boys to the CWizz West Literary Quiz held at Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith.

The boys competed in teams of 4 (with one of just 3!) – to answer tricky and challenging questions covering a wide range of young fiction – from contemporary Superheroes to Ancient Myths and everything in between.

Ralph Armitage B3 reports :
The anticipation was overwhelming as we filed through the narrow school gates. After a few minutes of overcoming our disorientation, we finally settled in a hall, resembling a church.‘Who’s going to win?’ murmurs of excited children echoed around the room. I gazed at the the picturesque stained glass windows, at the dazzling colourful light streaming through the glass like thousands of dancing sprites. It was then that I realised, my team was a man down. ‘What are we supposed to do? That’s a huge disadvantage!’ After a few fruitless attempts at getting another team member, we sat back down at our table. ‘The quiz will begin shortly.’ Ralph Armitage, Year 7, B3

Others loved the team-work and laughs had throughout the afternoon as well as meeting friendly and inspiring authors. John Guy B1, who won a prize by answering an inter-round question, says “It was fun, exciting and a good opportunity to test your knowledge. I want to go again next year!”.

Here’s John with Loretta Schauer – illustrator of the Dougal Daley series by Jackie Marchant.

Lucca Clarkson B3 also won a signed copy of the Connie Carew mysteries by answering a challenging question from author Patricia Elliot. There was a folder with multi coloured pieces of paper inside. The three of us were confused as to why they were there. Were they a mistake? So many questions rushed through our young minds. Then the quiz began. They told us to open the folder and we did. We pulled out a paper with a tinge of pink and they  began asking us questions…being one man down our situation was hard but we pulled through making it slowly. Each of us had read different books meaning we weren’t a lost cause completely. Then we had finished. A author came and asked us a question. It was as simple as this. How long in the olden days did it take to get from England to New York. I, being super smart, guessed 4 and a half days! It was right! Lucca Clarkson, Year 7 B3

Here’s Lucca with Patricia Elliot the author whose question he answered correctly.

Sam Priest, one of the team that had only three members summarises his experience of the event :

There was an air of pressure around the other tables as the answers were read out we started off doing quite well we got about 60% right.  We were sure that we were going to get all the answers right.  We stopped for a break and we were discussing how well we were going to do , then Lucca won a book, finally the last sheet was completed, we were so nervous of the results but it turns out we didn’t win but it was still fun. Sam Priest, Year 7,

The boys’ positive attitude and fighting spirit really impressed me on this their first attempt at the inter-school quiz. I think they will be back for more, or maybe there will be an Urban Boys Reading Quiz – with a slant concentrating on boys’ reading favourites?

Ms Stolarska, School Librarian.


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