Posted on 15/10/2013

Fulham Boys Free School Impresses Prospective Pupils and Parents

The Fulham Boys School hailed its Open Days for prospective parents and pupils “a huge success” with more than 650 people attending from all over the capital.

The free school for boys aged 11 to 18 is due to open its doors in September 2014 and the new Head Designate took the opportunity to explain to families the school’s unique ethos of enterprise, faith and boys.

Alun Ebenezer, Head Designate of The Fulham Boys School said: “I believe the most important ingredient in making a school successful is outstanding teachers and so we will do everything we can to recruit the best teachers; teachers who have excellent subject knowledge who can bring their subjects alive and can bring the best out of boys. It is important that boys enjoy coming to school and find learning interesting and fun.

“Schools are not just exam factories; we want to help our boys develop socially, morally, emotionally and spiritually. At Fulham Boys School we will insist on the highest standards of behaviour, uniform, attendance and punctuality. Boys need firm boundaries. The most important type of discipline is self-discipline, that even when we are not around, on the way to and from school, they know how to conduct themselves.”

Mr Ebenezer added: “The school will be built upon Christian principles and values. These values include generosity, kindness, justice, fairness, inclusiveness, self-control and hard work. We want our boys to love their neighbour as themselves and to see everyone as their neighbour.

“We are not elitist. I have not come to Fulham for a certain type of Fulham boy but for all Fulham boys. I am a Free School Meal boy from a back street in Ebbw Vale, Wales; I passionately believe that a person’s post code should not determine where they end up in life. I believe in comprehensive education and that education is transformational; it can change a person’s life.”

The Fulham Boys School will eventually have the capacity for 800 pupils. The Governors have identified a suitable temporary site in Fulham and will make a further announcement shortly.

Sports will be integral to the Fulham Boys School day with the core sports being rugby, football, cricket and rowing. At the Open Days boys were able to take part in boxing, rowing and kurling.

Other activities for the prospective pupils included demonstrations of maths, English and geography lessons, designing house crests on biscuits and voting on the school house names.

Alex Wade, chair of The Fulham Boys School Governors said: “These Open Days are the result of four years of sheer hard work and the unflinching can do attitude and energy of my team, to create a new school for Fulham.

“Our mission statement is clear. We are striving for academic excellence, with high expectations, strong discipline and a strict uniform policy. Our curriculum is tailored for boys – the school day is structured around their needs. Long teaching periods will be broken up. We have budgeted for smaller classes; we embrace the use of technology by, for instance, ensuring all boys have access to an iPad.”

The Fulham Boys School has pledged to give every pupil access to an iPad for learning, a focus on sport for all and an extended school day.

Mr Wade added: “Our specialism – enterprise – will give boys the skills, the knowledge, the confidence to lead, to think, to challenge. Above all, to instil a life long can do attitude.”

The Fulham Boys School is partnering with the London Diocesan Board for Schools in translating its vision into a reality, drawing on the Diocese’s considerable expertise in establishing successful schools.



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