How we go about our business

At the Fulham Boys School we believe it is important to show boys there is more than one way to be clever. Boys who write well are lauded; good linguists are given opportunities to learn additional languages; we have some outstanding mathematicians working on GCSE level questions. Other boys are showing themselves to be excellent historians. The success of our sportsmen is celebrated and musicians are enjoying all kinds of opportunities to showcase their talents. The leadership skills of some boys are beginning to really come to the fore while others are proving to be first class orators and debaters.

We also believe it’s important to show them that character and attitude matter more than anything else. Whatever you are good at, or not, just have a go. Give it your best. If it doesn’t come easily, keep trying. Above all, we are keen to impress upon them that it is not all about ‘me’! Work as a team, put others before yourself. They are big asks but we are beginning to get there. Some days are better than others!

This is all part of our drive to shape boys’ entrepreneurial skills. And for the past month they have had a tangible outlet for their nascent business skills by taking part in the Tenner Challenge (a national enterprise competition).  In groups of 4 or 5, boys were given £10 and have been working to use that money to make a profit by making or buying things and selling them on, or by offering a service to other boys.

Each boy has had a role within his group such as project manager, finance manager or sales manager.  They have been pushed to be as innovative and business-like as possible – and the result has been some great examples of enterprising spirit and entrepreneurship. At breaktimes and lunchtimes, homemade lemonade, smoothies, milk shakes, hot chocolate, cookies and other tasty bakes have been on sale. A couple of our boys sold ice cold drinks to their thirsty mates at the end of sport’s afternoon on Wednesday. Saw an opportunity and seized it. A few boys brought in games consoles and charged boys for gaming time at lunchtimes. It has been great fun watching them go about their business. I overheard some of them talking on Friday, saying that one of their product ranges wasn’t selling so they might need to think about dropping the price or changing it slightly. Love it!

Tomorrow boys have to evaluate their business and decide what to do with their profit. Do they keep it, re-invest it, or donate some or all of it to a good cause? A day when our three pillars – boys, faith and enterprise – are all under the spotlight. It will be interesting to see how Fulham Boys go about their business.


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