London Youth Games

It was a beautiful morning as the Hammersmith and Fulham Rowing squad assembled in Fulham Reach Boat Club at seven in the morning. One and a half hours later, they would be waiting in anticipation at the London Regatta Centre. The races would commence in less than forty minutes, however, it felt like two hours to the competitors.

Once the races got going, it flowed smoothly and it was shortly the time of the male quad to go to the starting line.

Theo Barton, Adam Salanki, Thomas Battah and Jack Mooney and  Cashalleno Jaramilla, aka CJ (cox) were in the boat as it shot across the water in the time-trails.

Shortly after the team reappeared at the landing, the announcement was made for the mixed quads to meet at the water. In the boat were, Ricardo Blagrove, Guy Van-Dijken, Girl 1, Girl 2 with Bob Sunderland coxing.

As the results were posted for the final round, we found out that sadly, the mixed quad did not get into the the finals. The mixed quad had only on one occasion rowed together previously. It was a great experience for them nonetheless.

The male quad came in second however, (qualifying them for finals) quite an achievement for four adolescents who only rarely rowed together before the regatta.

After watching many others compete and supporting Hammersmith & Fulham, throats were sore and stomachs rumbled. Within a few minutes the whole team had lunch and their cheering voices were finally found again as the finals started with the singles (not their relationship status but rather a single personed boat.)

As the male quad’s time came round, the whole crew was buzzing with excitement. They were all waiting to race. The adrenalin was pumping and the pressure was on. Despite the start being delayed slightly, the quad got off to a good start and they kept the pressure on as they glided into an amazing second place.


About an hour later, the crew went up to the stage to receive their well earned medals. Their photographs were taken and the crowd applauded.


Overall Hammersmith & Fulham came second in the Rowing competition, the best result in the borough’s history. Hammersmith and Fulham are maintaining second place overall in the London Youth Games leaderboard thanks to good distribution of funding for sporting activities and incredible organisation.


Many thanks to the boys from FBS who attended the event and supported Hammersmith and Fulham.


Written by Adam Salanki, Year 9


Disclaimer: Rowing is when each member of the crew only holds one oar and pulls only on one side with both hands. Sculling is when there is an oar in both hands. However, for the sake of simplicity I shall refer to sculling and rowing as technically it was a rowing race. (I was not a spectator, I actually competed in the regatta.)



The Representatives of the J14 H&F Quad.

The Representatives of the J14 H&F Squad. Comprising of 8 boys from The Fulham Boys School.

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  1. Elaine Blagrove

    It was a fantastic day and you all did brilliantly. Well done.

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