Posted on 27/02/2014

London’s First Free School for Boys Given Green Light to Open on Gibbs Green Site in September

The Fulham Boys School today announced it has been given the green light to open the Church of England secondary school in September 2014 on the Gibbs Green Estate in Fulham.

Chair of The Fulham Boys School Governors Alex Wade confirmed that agreement has been reached on the school’s temporary premises in Mund Street, West Kensington.

Mr Wade said: “With terms now agreed for our opening, we are fast tracking preparations for September including designing a sports programme to make the most of the great on-site facilities at Gibbs Green.  We are working closely with the Department for Education to ensure the premises will be fit for our purpose by September.

“With the exciting confirmation of our home for the school’s first two years we have also started looking at how our enterprise agenda can both learn from and add to the local community.”

The school premises on the Gibbs Green estate will provide space for the Fulham Boys School until at least 2016. The site is being leased from Capco, and forms part of the Earls Court Development.
The Fulham Boys School’s Head Teacher, Alun Ebenezer, is currently recruiting senior teaching staff for the school’s first 120 Year 7 pupils. The Fulham Boys School will grow year on year and eventually have the capacity for 800 pupils.

Mr Ebenezer said: “We have pledged an education designed to bring out the best in boys, with a focus on enterprise and sport for all within an extended school day. We are delighted by the level of interest shown in our  first teaching posts, enabling us to recruit staff with both excellent subject knowledge and a huge enthusiasm for making their subject come alive for boys.”

Under the requirements for setting up a free school, The Fulham Boys School – which is run by a group of local parent and teachers – consulted the community about its proposals.  The consultation found strong local support for the school’s proposed ethos and curriculum. 72% per cent of the community supported plans to open the school, with 21% disagreeing and 7% ‘don’t knows.

A briefing evening for 2014 applicants is being held on 6 March. Any late applicants interested in learning more about applying for FBS should contact the school office for details: or 07512 118012.

The Fulham Boys School is supported by the Diocese of London and is backed by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is funded directly by the Department for Education.

Summary of FBS’ consultation findings


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