Rugby: Year 10 vs Gunnersbury

Early morning on Saturday the Fulham Boys are ready for a battle. We were not happy about the loss we had against them from the year before and we certainly wanted our revenge, doing our all to get our win. Everyone was excited because we knew we had great game ahead of us.

The game started at 10:30, every player looking to get the best start possible. The Fulham Boys started amazingly by scoring an early try scored by Heaver Faraj. It wasn’t long until Heaver got his second. Once again great hands from the Fulham Boys. Of course Gunnersbury wouldn’t go down without a fight and they came back with two tries of their own. For a long period of time there was amazing back and forth rugby. But we wanted our win so badly, Ned Watson scores undoubtedly the best try of the game with a beautiful dummy from the captain himself. But unfortunately Gunnersbury came back with two more tries and they scored all their conversions. The brilliant game ended 24-17. But the Fulham Boys put up a great fight against a great side.

Shea Perez-McCarthy

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