Posted on 04/11/2018

Rugby: Year 7 vs Gunnersbury

On Saturday 30th September  The Fulham Boys school played Gunnersbury at their pitches in Boston Gardens. When we first saw their team, they looked big and strong, so it made me concerned that they might smash us! However, we had confidence in the team, and tried our hardest to beat them.

Near the beginning of the match they scored the first try by passing it down the line to their wing, who scored in the corner. After scoring that try they continued to attack but Theo Nachi made a great tackle, pushing the wing into touch. This gave us more confidence that we could defend against them. And soon we found a successful tactic of passing the ball to Marjon, who managed to run through their whole team to score a try and equalize.

Copying our Marjon tactics, they gave the ball to their biggest player. He ran through half the team, and I was face to face with him. I managed to grab one of his legs before Jonti, Theo, Louis and Danny O’Sullivan and Danny Gilmore dived in to help, and Goliath fell to the ground. They scored again just before half time, and another just after half time. In my opinion, the star try of the match was when Theo zoomed down the wing past all of their players and smashed the ball on the ground to score! Even though we lost, we persevered  and tried our hardest. The more we play the better we will get. And the best thing was we all had fun.

Daniel Gilbart-Smith


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