Posted on 22/05/2018

Saatchi Gallery Trip – by Joshua Dembele

On April the 27th in 2018, A group of students who were selected in order to improve their grasp and knowledge of Drama and Art to go on a trip involving visiting the Saatchi Gallery and then the Royal Court Theatre.

In the trip, we looked deeply into the paintings of the Saatchi Gallery to know more about what kind of ideas that the artists that were behind them had in their mind. One image that was very interesting was on where the different shades of colour such as green, blue and yellow might have been used in order to simulate a hierarchy (although that might not be a perfect description for how it looks at first). There were also other types of images and sculptures such as a sad cartoon in a more famous painting to emphasise the feeling, or a photo of a famous person, except that their entire face has been hidden by a large number of woven stripes. All of these works of art have their own hidden meanings, and the group had a task to find out what those meanings were.

We also spent time visiting the Royal Court Theatre, and in that theatre we had a very activity-centred course involving concentration and setting a premise for a scene. At first, we played a game where two people come up to each other and shout a word or name to start off the game. When this is done, another random pair meets up, and they say a word related to the previous words but not the same as any word that has already been shouted out. The game is won if the two people (or two groups) both said the same word. The whole group had a lot of fun getting closer and closer to guessing the same word, and we also did other activities such as making a character from one of the paintings that we saw in the Saatchi Gallery, making another character from clay and setting up a short scene where the two characters meet up and have a small conversation.

Overall, it was a very fun experience that was quite fun for everyone involved in the trip, and I would definitely go through it again if I could.


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