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Hammersmith & Fulham Council has today, 16 July, launched a public consultation on their proposed amalgamation of New King’s and Sulivan primary schools, naming The Fulham Boys School as the potential occupants of the Sulivan primary site.

In the event that the site becomes vacant, the FBS founders have confirmed their interest in it as the permanent home for the state-funded Church of England Free School.

FBS Chair of Governors, Alex Wade, said: “Our application to open a free school was based on the high demand in Fulham for an outstanding Church of England secondary school, open to boys from all local primaries, and from all faiths and none. We respect that this is just the start of the consultation process but have registered our strong interest in the site should it become available.”

The Fulham Boys School is due to open in temporary premises in September 2014.


  1. For LBH&F’s consultation please go to the Hammersmith and Fulham website.
  2. The Fulham Boys School and the Department for Education have been exploring a wide range of possible sites for the school, including commercial developments, government owned property and local authority sites. As a Free school, its premises will be funded directly by the Department for Education.
  3. FBS will be opening on temporary premises in September 2014. Applications for a place in Year 7 open as part of the pan-London co-ordinated admissions on 1 September 2013.


  1. Fulham Boys School

    The Council stated clearly at the consultation meeting on 10 September that the proposal for Sulivan and New Kings has not been predicated on finding a site for FBS. FBS’s involvement has been purely to confirm our interest IF a site becomes free – certainly not to propose the closure of Sulivan or any other school.

  2. sulivan neighbour

    Please do not support the closure of Sulivan School. I understand you are desperate for a suitable site but it is a ploy by the council to push FBS supporters into supporting the closure of a lovely primary school for political reasons. Sulivan Primary is a lovely and popular nursery and primary school with fantastic outdoor space which is perfect for primary aged children. It is also the only viable option for many young families in the neighbourhood given that nearby Marie d’Orliac is 10x oversubscribed, Holy Cross Primary requires Catholic faith and church attendance and Langford Primary is underperforming. Sulivan Primary is the only great school open to all children in the community. Please do not make the foundation of your free school linked to the outrageous and unfair closure of a community primary school that has done nothing wrong except being located on an attractive site. Thank you!

  3. Tim Langton

    Where is the temporary site going to be for 2014? It doesn’t say.

  4. Jackie AllAan

    I really do not have a problem with you wanting your own school, I do have a huge problem with my l

  5. Jackie AllAan

    I really do not have a problem with you wanting your own school, I do have a huge problem with my local council wanting to close my wonderful school, The council has caused a real rift within the local community which I have been a part for over 21 years, there has to be a better way to solve this!

  6. Fulham Boys School

    Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We appreciate there has been a fair amount of rumour and misinformation circulating and we’d like to put some of it right.

    First, we are continuing to search for a permanent home for the school. The Council’s consultation on the merger of Sulivan and New Kings primary schools is, so far as we’re concerned, a consultation and not a foregone conclusion. We are not lobbying for the merger. We have been asking our supporters to respond with their views, but to make clear in their response to the consultation that they support FBS.

    Second, IF the merger were to go ahead and IF FBS were to set up on the Sulivan site, local residents would be consulted. In addition to normal planning consultations on any development, FBS has to consult before the Secretary of State will sign our funding agreement.

    Third, regarding some of the speculation about the impact of ‘800 teenage boys’ in the area, there are various assurances we can give: FBS will be running a longer school day than other local schools, it will have a green travel plan, it will not be opening with 800 pupils so will have time to manage its growth and impact etc. However, the more important point we would like to get across is that FBS is absolutely committed to its community roots – the school has got to where it is due to the entirely voluntary efforts of a group of local parents, teachers and their supporters, and the school’s governors and newly appointed head are determined that the school and its pupils will be a positive asset to the community.

    Fourth, please note that Christchurch is our temporary office address and not our temporary site.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about FBS, please come along to one of our open days on 8 or 9 October in Fulham Palace.

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