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R@CE REVIEW – Y9 Social Enterprise Team

R@CE started thanks to a charity called City Pitch. They came into our school and set us a challenge, we had to come up with an idea to help our local community. Our idea was to start up a charity in order to help to prevent racism in our local community. The best group in the school would get the chance to try and get a maximum of £1,500 to fund our project. We won in our school, and managed to convince the City Pitch panel to give us the full £1,500 at City Hall in London. However, this was just the start of the R@CE charity.

Our original business plan was to host a number of Coffee afternoons and 5-a-side football tournaments, eventually ending in a large festival held in our school for the whole community. We thought this would help to reach community cohesion. We hosted a Coffee afternoon just before the end of term but it was not as successful as we had hoped. We realised that something needed to change in order to make sure that the charity became a success. We now have an account on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in order to promote our new business, which we are sure will be much more successful.

Our new business plan is to go into primary schools to teach and inform them about racism that it is still going on in society today. We will also teach them how to deal with and stop racism and teach them the effects it can have on its victims. We are doing this because our last business plan wasn’t a success as people would not come to us, therefore we must go to our audience. It will also have a positive impact on the community in the future as we are teaching this to younger generations, who can make a difference in the future. This is just one of our plans in the near future, others include creating podcasts, more interviews such as the Westminster one (Next Paragraph) and if we eventually get enough publicity we will host a festival for the community to also teach them about racism, and how it can be stopped.

Our public interviews in Westminster were our first truly successful business plan. Our team went to Westminster and interviewed the general public on several questions on racial discrimination; what they believe is the cause of racism and numerous others. We were able to gain the perspective of many people. The public had views that in some areas heavily contrasted which allowed an insight into how different people view the world. Following the recording of our public interviews we edited the footage into a youtube video. This meant that we were now able to use this and post it online. Our video is able to be found on the youtube channel R@CE FBS.

To conclude we have left our original business plan, and have moved on to a much more successful way of reaching out to the community instead of coffee events that do not gain or receive very much attention from the public, as it is too much effort for them. This is why we have taken the decision to go into primary schools in order to get more attention, as well as making our business a real success.

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