The Fulham Boys School welcomes a special visit from Education Secretary, Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP

With the impact of Free schools in the headlines, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan spent a morning at The Fulham Boys School seeing how London’s first Free school for boys sets about making it cool to ace at school.

She had been invited to visit the school by FBS patron, Greg Hands MP, and was called on to award the House cup for the school’s first ‘Eisteddfod’. The school houses competed for points at this cultural festival the previous Friday.

FBS opened in September 2014, having been five years in the making. Local parents and the wider community had set the school the challenge of raising boys’ aspirations for academic success.

Posted on 11/03/2015

The Education Secretary was treated to a taste of FBS life – cookies, singing and all. In her whistle-stop tour of the school she dropped in on lessons and visited the library that sparked widespread debate earlier this year about how best to get boys reading.

Nicky Morgan commented: “I know FBS’s founders set out with a clear vision to achieve high aspirations for all boys, and it’s enlivening to see how it’s being done in practice. Everything – from boxing to baking and from the food in the canteen to the books on the library shelves – so clearly has boys’ motivation running through it. I thank the boys for their enthusiasm and exemplary manners today – clearly some entrepreneurial spirits to watch out for.”

FBS was established by local parents and teachers with the support of the London Diocesan Board for Schools and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The local authority recognised the demand for an outstanding boys’ secondary in Fulham and the impending need for more secondary school places overall in the borough.

FBS is a Church of England school open to all boys, regardless of faith. The School opened on temporary premises at Gibbs Green in North Fulham in September 2014 and will move to its permanent home within three years.



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