The Livery in Education Careers Show

On Tuesday 6th February the Enterprise Prefects went into the City to the Livery Hall to explore the various Livery groups: basket-makers, upholsterers, software engineers, pilots, clockmakers – the list was long and exciting –  a great range of practical careers. Many boys commented on how they would like to go into a career where they could actually make something and that it was interesting that many of these jobs were ones where you could immediately tell what someone does by their workplace and the tools that they use.

Elias Bahardoost writes… The Livery in Education Event has been offered to the Fulham boys school before but we haven’t attended until now. It was an event where there were various different stalls that we could go to ask about things like work experience, qualifications etc and we had about 2 hours to wander around. The event was a success and we got to meet a lot of people such as architects, pilots, shipwrights, clockmakers, bakers and many more people and I will definitely be keen to do it again because it is helping me choose my GCSE options. Overall, the Livery in Education Event was a fun and exciting trip which helped me choose what I want to be when I’m older because it taught me a lot about workplaces and potential jobs and careers.

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