Posted on 22/09/2014

We have take-off

The first ever Fulham Boys walked through the school gates at 8.20 am on Monday 15th of September 2014.

They went straight into assembly, where they were put into their school houses – Liddell, Wilberforce, Dickens and Brunel. The assembly, and indeed the whole week, was predominantly about instilling in them just what it means to be a Fulham Boy. What a privilege it is, what opportunities it offers and what responsibilities it brings.

The boys have now been assessed in every subject, as well as sitting cognitive ability and reading tests so that we can set challenging targets to push them to the very limits of their capabilities. They have been introduced to the iPads, which they will all have in every lesson throughout the year. They have also started two weeks’ of taster sessions of the co-curricular clubs, before signing up to those they want to attend in October. The choice this first term includes: judo, fencing, indoor rowing, table tennis, gardening, cookery, chess, public speaking, business, choir, instrumental and singing lessons, drama classes and many more.

The buzz around the playground has been of boys full of energy, fun, spirit, with no fear of danger; making the most of the great space we have in the school grounds. Staff have enjoyed chatting to the boys over lunch in the school dining room and it has been encouraging to see the boys embrace the importance of enjoying good food and displaying good table manners. The quality of the food has been something special but more of that to follow in my next blog…

It has been a superb start. It really has. Some hiccups, but staff and boys have dealt with everything as you’d expect FBS staff and boys to. With guts, resolve and calm. There have been many highlights, but as a Welshman it has to be hearing our boys sing their hearts out to the school anthem each morning. Not quite choir of the year yet, but as with everything else we’ll get there.

We’ve got much to do, to improve upon, to hone, to introduce, to achieve. But for now, we have take off!


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