World Book Day: Battle of the Books 1.3.18

World Book Day: Battle of the Books (Amari Barnes)

There I was gripping my book for dear life as it was my life-support, holding a figurative sword in my notes and with every pair of eyes on me.

I entered the school library with high hopes and one goal. Success. I saw the ‘Battle of the Books’ decorations and knew what to do, and with that Mr. Jeeps and Ms Monti called out me and Nour, also a Liddell 4 member, and my heart-beat grew more audible by the second. I looked him in the eyes and sparked my first witty lines to heat up the audience. “Ladies, First!” Nour takes this and throws down all of his points. After he does, I accept this and  use my points and form a line that went “Only 10 million sales, I have 100 million: get on my level” With the crowd’s roaring agreement I took down my fellow form member. I watched the remaining contests with intense eyes. ‘Traveling alone’ came up against ‘the bible’, and the formidable Josh Shonubi joined the fight. My confidence raised, I stepped into the ring once again to finish the fight.

The final match. A battle royale to finish the war. I start off with my quips” Traveling alone, that speaks for itself” “Welcome to nowhere, psh this book is going nowhere” and Dawud and Seb go into a furious descent finishing with me on top and the crowd cheering. Thanks to me, ‘The Maze Runner’ is the FBS Battle of the Books champion 2018.


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