Rugby: Year 10 vs Harrow

The first game of the season. The first name on the fixture list. The first best teas provided after the game. HARROW.

This was a lesson in how to attack. Holding their depth, supporting their ball carriers and intensity at the ruck all lead to a constant defense from FBS. The scream,s of “hold the line” from the FBS midfield married up with ferocious tackling from the boys who shouted it. Dan Hendry, James Myres and Haris Huqoqi led the defensive line superbly. What they needed were more boys to follow them into this battle.

By half time it was 24 – 0 to Harrow. However, this did not lead to the boys heads going down. They kept on fighting. Beau Lee, Ryan King and Dylan Cummings displayed good ball carrying skills.

The second half trend followed the first. Harrow attacking and Fulham defending. We conceeded four more tries.

The inspiration from this is that we will get on the training pitch and look to learn from our mistakes. Our next fixture will be next Thursday against Marylebone Boys School. The training intensity needs to be high on on Thursday at games afternoon.

Final score – Harrow 50 – FBS 0

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