Rugby: Year 8 A vs Latymer Upper

It was a cold day but despite the weather the Fulham boys stepped out onto the field with their head high. They had hope because most of the team were available and because of their last training session, they felt ready.

The game started with a deep kick from Ben down the left side. The Fulham boys chased well and Morgan got the first tackle of the game and with top rucking from Zeren and Blake we managed to take possession of the ball. Seb made a great pass to Joe, who carried deep into the Latymer half before getting tackled and off loading to Finley. Using his strength, Finley got through the last player, crossed the try line and … dropped the ball.  The opposition chose to kick out of their territory. Santi caught the ball and started to run down field, with great running from Blake, Joe and Morgan and amazing support from Zeren and Tristan, Ben managed to score the first try of the game.

This was soon followed by a try from Morgan when he found a gap in their defensive line and used his immense pace to sprint to the try line. After this, we got too relaxed with our 10 – 0 score line and couldn’t be bothered to tackle. One of the Latymer players got a run out on the wing and scored. After that Latymer got a good period of possesion but a ferocious tackle from Charlie made the Latymer player drop the ball so it was a scrum to FBS. Joe did something the Latymer’s defence wasn’t expecting. He picked up the ball out of the scrum and ran on the wing.  He knocked the winger and fullback with a strong fend but because of his lack of pace a few defenders caught up with him and slowed him to a halt. Luckily, Christian ran in for the off load but as soon as the made contact with the defender  he dropped the ball which ended the first half with the score being 2-1 to FBS.

In the second half the defending from both teams was a lot worse due to low energy. Blake scored a try using his strength to barge people out the way, shortly after Oli scored using his stamina to run from one corner of the field to the other. At this point we thought we had we’d won the game. So Latymer eager for a come back scored a try similar to Morgan’s which made the score 4-2. The clock was running down, Latymer had a penalty not far away from our try line the FBS defence thought they were going to get there Big player to barge through so put their best tacklers right in front of the penalty instead they got their fastest player to run horizontally and scored on the other side of our try line. At this point we were getting a little nervous but there was only a minute left in the game so we supported well and when the final whistle blew we were all proud of ourselves. Let’s hope the next match goes as this one did.

Joe Bessada B1

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