Rugby: Year 8 vs Greycourt

It was a Saturday morning as we arrived at Barn Elms. We were confident going into the game even though we new that the opposition were more experienced than our previous opponents. We saw that they were a physically big team and  it was clear observing them during the warm up that this team knew how to play rugby!  Grey Court quickly began running with the ball and passing along the line putting us under   pressure leaving gaps in our line of defence letting them slip through allowing them to score. After the first twenty minutes we were three tries down, we gathered together for a rousing team huddle. We started well and quickly scored a try before half time .

Mr Goldberg encouraged us that if we played our running game and made the tackles we still had a chance. However we were physically tired unlike the opposition we had no substitutes.We battled on in the second half and scored two further tries the second demonstrating a great running attack involving most of the team with Josh Shonubi scoring. It was definitely a shock after our great win in our first game 72-5 against Marylebone School. In the end the score was 48-15, although it was difficult considering the lack of players we had available. This game let us realise the work needed the following sports afternoon on tackling and staying as a line in defence.

Fulham Boys School 15-48 Grey Court

Ben Bartlett W3

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