Rugby: Year 8 vs Gunnersbury

As we walked onto the pitch, we knew that the Gunnersbury players where bigger, however, that did not deter us because as a team size does not matter, knowing we had each others backs. In the first half we made all of our tackles, winning the rucks and getting the ball out to the backs, convincingly winning the first half.

Going into the second half we knew they were going to fight back hard. We focused on our jobs and it was amazing to see our team play their guts out. When Gunnersbury were making a bit of a comeback, we concentrated hard and when we kicked the ball out of play in the final play it felt amazing. One thing we have got which I’m so proud of is a great team spirit no matter what score is at the end of the game we will be together making Fulham Boys School proud.

Louis Bonetti

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