Rugby: Year 8 vs Marylebone

The first game of the season was against Marylebone boys school. The team was full of hope as we entered our first match of the year. It did not start off the way we would’ve preferred . The ball went straight to the largest and fastest player on their team, running down the wing to score, realising quickly that tackling was something to improve on. We were a try down in the opening minute, not the start we were expecting . Fortunately we were able to bounce back and as they kicked to us, in less than a minute we scored a try. The other team were hesitant to tackle, which allowed us to slip through and play our running  game. From then on our team began to grow in confidence getting back into the game scoring many tries. The opposition began to show their lack of experience and at the end of the match we had scored a total of 72 points. This was definitely a good start to the season.

Fulham boys School 72-5 Marylebone Boys School

Ben Bartlett W3

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