What is Accelerated Reader?

  • At the start of each year, the AR platform tests students’ reading level and gives each student a personalised optimal reading range (known as the Zone of Proximal Development – or ZPD).
  • Students then choose fiction and non-fiction books that fit their ZPD (either directly from the FBS Library or using the AR Book Finder on the website).
  • Ideally, students should start with books at the lower end of their reading range and make their way up over the course of the academic year.
  • Every time they finish book, students will take a short online AR quiz that checks their understanding of the book.
  • All the important data goes to students’ teachers and this helps the English Department and Form Tutors check reading progress.

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Name: Joshuelle Clei Andrew Asumio

Name: Flynn Earl

Name: Joshuelle Clei Andrew Asumio

Name: Edward Jackson

Name: Maximilian Bell

Accelerated Reader is COMPETITIVE:

  • When you take an AR Quiz you will get points based on your own personal reading goals.
  • Each week one House Reader from each House and one FBS Reader will be announced in House Assemblies.
  • These students will receive a House Point.
  • At the end of each term, the House with the most AR House Points will receive a prize!

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