FBS Library

Research shows that boys appreciate being able to read the same books as their peers. This is something we’ve listened to and acted upon. At FBS we have carefully selected series of books that we know will appeal to boys, and in sufficient numbers that they can read the same book as each other. Series include Skulduggery Pleasant, Divergent Series and The Hunger Games. Our library has comfy seating and is a quiet space that boys can go to during lunch times to read our book of the week, some carefully selected non-fiction to complement the curriculum or to complete ownwork.

Throughout KS3 (Years 7-9), boys have a weekly library lesson with their English teacher. During this time, teachers monitor students’ reading progress using Accelerated Reader (see here for more on AR). It is also a good opportunity for students to discuss what they are reading, share recommendations for new reading material and renew library books.

New Library Rota from 11th June – Thank you