The English department is committed to inspiring a lifelong love of literature in all the boys we teach. We recognise that Literacy is crucial to boys’ academic achievement and therefore endeavour to ensure that our boys are skilled communicators, both orally and on paper. By making the boys aware of the richness of their cultural heritage, we hope that they will leave The Fulham Boys School with a confident overview of the literary canon.

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The Mathematics department is dedicated to ensuring that all boys develop an inherent understanding of why Mathematics is a necessity, and an intellectual curiosity about how it has helped to develop the world around us. Through projects based on the real life application of Mathematics, boys will develop the confidence to make mistakes and take risks, preparing them for how they will use these processes in the future. Our intention is that all boys will be numerate, and equipped with the problem solving skills needed to succeed in life, by the time they leave FBS.

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The Science Department aims to broaden our boys’ horizons by providing them with an exciting and interesting science curriculum that inspires them to find out more about the world in which they live. Science and Technology is quickly becoming a huge part of life and we aim to ensure that Fulham Boys leave school armed with the crucial scientific understanding and investigative skills needed to be successful in the modern world.

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The R.E. Department wants boys to both understand and engage with the big questions of life.  These include questions such as, “Where did the world come from?”, “What is our purpose in life?”, “What is right and wrong?”, “Does anything happen after we die?” and “Is there a God?”.

Each year boys will do an in depth study of Christianity which will include looking at passages from the Bible.  They will also study one world religion and a unit in either philosophy or ethics.  The department aims for all boys to leave The Fulham Boys School with a developed and nuanced understanding of religion around them, particularly the Christian faith the school is built upon, and an ability to articulate in a mature, thoughtful and reasoned way their own responses to the big questions of life.

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The Drama department aims to build our students’ confidence and deepen their emotional intelligence in preparation for the rest of their social and academic lives. Through Drama we explore self-expression, communication and issues which are relevant to our students.

The Drama department makes excellent use of the wealth of opportunity on our doorstep in London. This year all students will be working with industry professionals to make their own films which will be screened at the end of year Film Festival. Some students will also be writing, directing and performing in their own plays at Lyric Hammersmith Theatre to a public audience.

LAMDA lessons are popular with many students at Fulham Boys’ School. Students have one-to-one acting lessons and work towards an exam.

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The Music department aims to nurture a love and passion for music that is sustained well beyond a student’s time at The Fulham Boys School. This involves developing the confidence and skills to perform, create and appreciate a wide range of music. We also endeavour to develop key musical skills which will enable students to engage with music to the highest level in whatever musical discipline they choose to follow.

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The Geography department at FBS aims to inspire boys to develop an interest and fascination for the world around them. We place emphasis on local and international geography, with the inclusion of both physical and cultural elements.

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The History department at The Fulham Boys School aims to stimulate student curiosity, interest and enjoyment in History and to enable boys to acquire knowledge and understanding of the skills of history that can be applied to their adult lives.

We also want to raise pupil awareness of the relevance of the skills developed through history to the twenty first century. For example, the ability to interpret the multitudes of sources that young people are bombarded with by television/internet/radio/social media and the ability to analyse issues closely and base arguments on evidence. This will be done through the development of thinking and enterprise skills.

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The P.E. department aims to deliver an outstanding education whereby the boys understand their anatomy, the physiology of the body, how the body moves biomechanically and how motor learning skills can be improved through different training methods. The boys are taught four different modules that cover a range of different types of sport, including invasion games, striking and fielding, gymnastics and swimming.

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The Art department is committed to giving students practical experience of working with a wide range of materials and techniques. The primary focus is on the skill of drawing, in all its guises, and getting boys to understand its importance in its own right as well as being a basis to develop their other work. To create outstanding art work requires persistence, hard work and having no fear of making mistakes – which will be promoted each lesson.

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The Modern Foreign Languages department aims to develop independent and creative language learners. We want all boys to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. We recognise that Modern languages skills are a pre-requisite in today’s professional job market and we promote advanced study of languages. In year 7 and 8 all boys learn French, with selected year 8 boys studying Spanish as an additional subject.

As well as achieving academically, we think it is important to promote language confidence and skills for real-world purposes. Our aim is that students develop openness towards other cultures and understanding through their learning of the richness unique to each language. In a global community, understanding the principles of different languages and how to apply them to learning new ones is a vital skill. Pupils are offered opportunities to practise their language skills in context and learn more about other countries through a programme of visits abroad.

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Computer Studies at The Fulham Boys School aims to deliver a high-quality computing education that equips pupils to understand and change the world through computational thinking. Lessons aim to both develop and require logical thinking and precision. On a broader level, Computer Studies provides a lens through which to understand both natural and artificial systems, and has substantial links with a range of academic subjects including mathematics, science, geography, music and art. A computing education also ensures that pupils become digitally literate – able to use, and express themselves through, information and communication technology – at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world.

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