Aims of the Department

The Art department is committed to giving students practical experience of working with a wide range of materials and techniques.  The primary focus is on the skill of drawing, in all its guises, and getting boys to understand its importance in its own right as well as being a basis to develop their other work.  To create outstanding art work requires persistence, hard work and having no fear of making mistakes – which will be promoted each lesson.


ABC…..REALLY? : This project will challenge students’ perceptions of the alphabet by creating their own versions.  Through drawing, collage, print and 3D work each Year 7 class will produce a ‘new’ alphabet.

INSIDE OUT : How often do you stop and really look at things closely? Through using techniques such as continuous line drawing, negative space ink drawing and wood-block printing students will explore the everyday things around them in greater detail.


The department is continually evolving and building up excellent resources and materials for the students.  We have recently purchased a printing press to give pupils the opportunity to expand their knowledge of different printing techniques. We will be increasing our resources as the school grows, discussing with students the areas that interest them.


The Art department has an open door policy during break times and lunch, encouraging students to come and develop their work further.  We run Art Clubs every week and various competitions throughout the year.

December 2015 saw the first Key Stage 3 art exhibition at Gallery 106, Dawes Road. This was an excellent opportunity for students to understand not only the logistics of exhibiting their work in a ‘white cube’ space but also to be able to talk about their work.  The exhibition was open to the general public and intended to be an annual event.