Aims of the Department                              

The Drama department aims to build our students’ confidence and deepen their emotional intelligence in preparation for the rest of their social and academic lives. Through Drama we explore self-expression, communication and issues which are relevant to our students.

The Drama department makes excellent use of the wealth of opportunity on our doorstep in London. This year all students will be working with industry professionals to make their own films which will be screened at the end of year Film Festival. Some students will also be writing, directing and performing in their own plays at Lyric Hammersmith Theatre to a public audience.

LAMDA lessons are popular with many students at Fulham Boys’ School. Students have one-to-one acting lessons and work towards an exam.

 KS3 Units

Year 7

In Year 7, students study how to create a character, what empathy means, Forum Theatre and improvisation. Students have the opportunity to play out a variety of scenarios, from getting a job to making new friends. Through Forum Theatre, students can replay moments and analyse how effective different approaches to a situation are. In our WW1 scheme, we look at what it means to be kind and supportive towards people who are supposedly ‘the enemy’.

 Drama: Characterisation/ Stanislavski/ Empathy/ Forum Theatre/ Improvisation

Context: WW1/ The Workplace/ Haunted House/ Around the World

 Year 8

Students in Year 8 explore a range of theatre practitioners, playwrights and improvisational techniques. The have plenty of performance opportunities in which they hone their devising skills and develop their taste. Students translate Shakespeare into hip-hop verse.

Drama: Pantomime/ Shakespeare/ Devising/ Storytelling/ Stylised Theatre/ Stanislavski

Context: Hip-hop music/ The Media/ Fairy Tales/ Morals

Year 9

Students in Year 9 explore and debate relevant issues through the study of key texts. Students will play up to six different roles in one performance as they explore stereotypes in Bouncers by John Godber. They fine tune their performance, directing and evaluative skills while expanding their knowledge of a range of theatre practitioners. Students then apply this knowledge to their devised work.

 Drama: Devising/ Godber/ Berkoff/ Stanislavski/ Greek Theatre/ Melodrama/ Slapstick

Context: Bouncers and Stereotypes/ Animal Farm and Revolution/ Slow Time and Crime

What do students say about studying Drama at FBS?

Drama GCSE – Raffety Lawless

Currently in Y10 drama, we are rehearsing our devised performances for Component 1 of the Drama GCSE. We were given the stimulus ‘Man Up’, which prompted our group to create a piece about men’s mental health, and how it is often not talked about, possibly to the point of suicide. Miss Mazur is unable to direct us for our performance but has shown us many new techniques and drama exercises that we have intertwined in our performance. Lastly, by practising what we have currently made in front of the class, our peers have been able to show us how to improve so that we can make our performance as strong as possible.

Year 7 Arts Award! Jeremiah Totele Year 7

On the Friday the 9th of March ‘Pappy Show Theatre Company’ and ‘The Lyric Hammersmith’ came to FBS to work with Year 7. We were learning about how to move and act as if we were an inanimate object ( for example a TV, a cup or a bag) in preparation for our Arts Award Year 7 production in partnership with The Lyric Hammersmith. We got into groups and practised our performances before showing them to the class. My group created a performance based around normal day to day life. This included gaming, sleeping, eating and drinking.


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