Aims of the Department

The Geography department at FBS aims to inspire boys to develop an interest and fascination for the world around them. We place emphasis on local and international geography, with the inclusion of both physical and cultural elements.

KS3 Units

‘Geography of Sport’ – looks at the relationship between sport and geography. There will be investigation into how human/cultural and physical/natural geography can influence and shape sport in particular countries and local areas.

‘Natural Hazards’ – investigates the physical/natural geographical processes and global patterns that are involved with natural hazards. Students will focus on a particular natural hazard that generates the most interest and enthusiasm.

‘Crime’ – This unit investigates the link between crime rates and geographical influences such as building design and street layout in both local and international settings.

‘Food’ – Exploring the link between geography and food, students will examine how economic and environmental place can influence the food culture of particular places on our Earth.


The KS3 units have been designed to spark boys’ interest. There is opportunity within each unit to focus on areas where the boys show a particular enthusiasm. For example, within the ‘Geography of Sport’ unit, the boys focused on the 2015 Rugby World Cup, using participating countries as tools for exploring different geographical influences.

Boys will be provided with the tools to develop their geographical skills. Fieldwork and map interpretation abilities are key components of being a successful geographer and within each topic there will be an emphasis on improving these, so that the boys can apply them effectively in their future studies.

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