Aims of the Department

The History department at The Fulham Boys School aims to stimulate student curiosity, interest and enjoyment in History and to enable boys to acquire knowledge and understanding of the skills of history that can be applied to their adult lives.

We also want to raise pupil awareness of the relevance of the skills developed through history to the twenty first century. For example, the ability to interpret the multitudes of sources that young people are bombarded with by television/internet/radio/social media and the ability to analyse issues closely and base arguments on evidence. This will be done through the development of thinking and enterprise skills.

KS3 Units

The big question for this academic year in History is, ‘Are we equal?’

To investigate this question we will be studying: the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Life for Black Americans in 20th century, Equality, the Peasants revolt, the French Revolution, the Suffragettes, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Civil Rights; we will be asking Why did Britain want an Empire? and were the Victorians racist? And we will investigate the Holocaust including a reading project with ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas’.


There is room for a range of teaching and learning activities in the history classroom: a story well-told by the teacher, a museum display (actual or digital), model-making, the construction of timelines, comprehension and source analysis activities, oral history interviews, site studies, simulated excavations, problem-solving exercises, role plays and debates. The most important thing is that learning activities relate to each other, encourage historical thinking and lead to the learning goal in a coherent way.


In November 2015, the History department embarked on its first residential trip to the World War One battlefields in France and Belgium. We visited a variety of places of historical interest including Tyne Cot cemetery, Langemark cemetery, The Menin Gate and the Flanders Fields Museum. This trip provided a brilliant opportunity for the boys see history in action getting a real feel for how the war was fought on the ground.