Aims of the Department

The Music department aims to nurture a love and passion for music that is sustained well beyond a student’s time at The Fulham Boys School. This involves developing the confidence and skills to perform, create and appreciate a wide range of music. We also endeavour to develop key musical skills which will enable students to engage with music to the highest level in whatever musical discipline they choose to follow.

KS3 Units

‘Introduction to Music’ – A unit focusing on developing keyboard skills and an understanding of music.

‘Blues Music 1’ – Boys learn about some of the history of blues music and its impact on so many genres of modern music. We also place a great emphasis on practical work, learning to play the 12 bar blues and developing some improvisational skills.

‘Blues Music 2’ –  Boys develop their creative and collaboration skills by composing an original blues song in small groups using the 12 bar blues structure.

‘Performance Music’ – STOMP! Boys focus on timing, rhythm, creativity, and pairing music with movement to create exciting performances.

‘Film Music’ – This unit considers the role of music in films, games and television and analyses the techniques that composers use to elicit emotional responses from the audience.


Lessons give students opportunities to perform, create and engage with music whatever their ability or previous musical experience. We are passionate about making use of London’s wealth of cultural resources to give students a rich and diverse musical experience and to develop our boys into confident, creative men with a lifelong love of music. Music lessons at FBS are engaging and use music technology and ICT effectively for the benefit of all students.