Aims of the Department

The R.E. Department wants boys to both understand and engage with the big questions of life.  These include questions such as, “Where did the world come from?”, “What is our purpose in life?”, “What is right and wrong?”, “Does anything happen after we die?” and “Is there a God?”.

Each year boys will do an in depth study of Christianity which will include looking at passages from the Bible.  They will also study one world religion and a unit in either philosophy or ethics.  The department aims for all boys to leave The Fulham Boys School with a developed and nuanced understanding of religion around them, particularly the Christian faith the school is built upon, and an ability to articulate in a mature, thoughtful and reasoned way their own responses to the big questions of life.

KS3 Units

‘The message of the Bible’ –  A unit looking at the Bible’s storyline and examining passages from Genesis to Revelation.

‘Celebrations’ – A unit at the end of the Autumn term looking at the religious festivals of Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.

‘Big questions of right and wrong’ –  Introducing boys to the study of ethics.

‘Islam’ –  A unit focusing on the Five Pillars.

‘What is God like?’ – A unit examining important Christian beliefs about God.


The R.E. Department plans lessons that engage boys and allow each of them to make progress, whatever their ability, personality, background or prior knowledge.  We design programmes of study that ask boys big questions and provide resources that interest and challenge them.  A particular focus of the department is to connect the sometimes abstract concepts in religion and philosophy with the boys’ daily lives, using illustrations, contemporary examples and pieces of reflective writing.  Boys are given regular and clear feedback on how to improve and always have the opportunity to respond to this in their books.


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