The Fulham Boys School – Uniform and appearance policy

The Fulham Boys School has a clear uniform and appearance policy. This is available on the school website, is summarised in the school prospectus and is explained to prospective parents and pupils at open days. The policy is reinforced in letters to all parents, including new parents, before the start of each new school year.

Parents are informed that the policy is strictly enforced. The policy itself specifies that any parent seeking modification should raise the issue with the Headmaster, and this invitation to discuss any concerns with the policy is made clear at open days. The sanctions for failing to adhere to the policy are also clearly spelt out.

The school can confirm that a complaint has been received following the school’s request to a pupil that his hair comply with the appearance policy. The parents concerned have requested a response to their complaint within 28 days.  The school has confirmed it will respond within its 15 day timeframe for handling complaints.

The Fulham Boys School is a Church of England School, welcoming of all faiths and none. This was confirmed by its recent Ofsted inspection and is manifest in the inclusive reach of the pupils on roll.


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